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At Home with The Grapes & Friends:
A Christmas Special

In our 12 years putting together this show, we never imagined that we'd have to deal with a year like 2020. With so much uncertain about COVID-19 here in Austin, we decided to put together an old-fashioned Christmas Special program for our fans to enjoy, safely, and responsibly from the comfort of your home.

This year's Christmas Special will be a live streamed event on the evening of Friday December 12, 2020, Exact time TBD. We're calling at "At Home with the Grapes & Friends: A Christmas Special."

Our goal is to put together a program that will feature all of zany and rambunctious antics you all have come to know and love over the last decade.

How to Celebrate

If you want to celebrate with us for the live streamed event, feel free to host your own Grapes & Friends Christmas Extravaganza (please be COVID-19 conscious). Invite some friends over, prep some snacks, get plenty of booze, and don your Christmas best.

If really want to make it a special night, we've provided a shopping list for decorations, snacks and booze, which includes the ingredients to some of our famous Christmas cocktails.

For decor:

For the cocktials

  • 1 Gallon Traditional Christmas Egg Nog
  • 1 750ml of an unassuming American whiskey spirit
  • 6 pack of your favorite holiday bock or lager
  • 1 premium stout

For snacks & dining:

  • 1 pack of white fudge covered Oreos
  • Cookie dough for fresh baked cookies
  • Christmas tree cakes
  • Premade sandwiches (individually-wrapped)