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Send us your vids!!!!

This year, in lieu of a show, we're going to be streaming a Christmas Special with skits, songs, live performances, and more. As a part of the show, we want to incorporate our fans as much as possible by allowing them to record video of themselves, and upload it directly to the Grapes to be included (at their discretion) in the 2020 Christmas Special

We've got 3 unique ways you can contribute:


Share Your Favorite Grapes Xmas Memories!

Since we can't have an in person show this year, we want to think back to the good old days and hear some of your favorite memories from Grapes shows past.


Here's an example


Wish Someone a Merry Christmas!

There are a lot of folks we won't be able to see in person this year, so here's your chance to with them a Merry Christmas.


Remember to keep them nice and short and FILM THEM HORIZONTAL! Don't be a Krampus.

Here's an example


Sing Along to Auld Lang Syne!

We're going to end this year's Christmas Special by singing Auld Lang Syne just like we do at our show and thought it would be cool to allow our fans to sing it with us.

For this video, you'll want to sing along to this version of the song and film yourself doing it.


Here's an example

Ready to Upload?

This can be done from either a desktop or mobile device. You can click this link here to upload your videos directly to the Grapes dropbox. Or, you can use the embed below.

upload your video to the Grapes and Friends